MyAdvice Improves Graphics to Support Hi-Res Mobile Devices

This week MyAdvice released new graphics to support higher resolution mobile devices for mobile-friendly sites. In addition to the new graphics, our client’s sites have been re-coded and improved to display more correctly on smartphones and tablets. Having a mobile-friendly site is essential for effective online marketing and for reaching your target audience. To follow are a few reasons why on-the-go websites are a critical part of your online marketing campaign.

Google Research Says Consumers Want Mobile-friendly Sites

  • Study found nearly 74% of mobile users are more likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites.
  • Research confirmed that 67% find they’re more likely to use a product or service they read about on a mobile-friendly site.
  • Having a mobile site isn’t enough, having a good mobile site is crucial. The study reported that 61% of mobile users said if they can’t find the information they’re looking for immediately, that they will quickly move on to another mobile site.

What are Online Consumers Looking for in a Mobile-friendly Site?

  • Larger buttons (mobile-users don’t want to have to zoom or expand pages to click on buttons).
  • Little to no scrolling.
  • Little to no need to zoom in or “pinch” their mobile screens.
  • Easy to find contact information for the business.
  • Links to the business’ social media accounts so they can remain connected.
  • Most importantly, users want mobile sites to be fast. The study found that users who had to wait longer than 5 seconds for the page to load on a mobile device grew bored and moved on to another website.
  • Easy to access information (requiring 2 clicks or less).
  • An accessible and organized search bar.
  • A “click to call,” button that will immediately pull the business’ telephone number up for the user.
  • A site that re-formats itself to fit the mobile screen it is being viewed on.
  • An option to continue to the non-mobile site.

Is Your Website Mobile-friendly? MyAdvice Can Build One For You.

We offer a variety of services to help boost your mobile presence and reach your mobile audience. From full mobile sites to social networking packages, we have something for your practice! Contact an MyAdvice representative to get started.

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