Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a blog can be an intimidating process. What type of content should you be putting into your blogs? What type of tone should the blog take on? The key to blog writing is to always keep your target audience in mind, and use interesting original visuals to support the information you are providing. Here’s just a few tips to help you stay independent and successful!

Be Original! Your blog represents you and your practice. Plagiarism is more than just copy and pasting from other sources. Plagiarism also involves the illegal use of statistics, figures and photos without attribution that could put your blog in some hot water. Original informational content will benefit your practice and help to boost your SEO!

Site and reference a variety of sources. The internet hosts a wealth of information, however, not all of the information available online is credible. Make sure you are referencing professional, credible websites in your blog reporting. Publishing credible, reliable information is much more beneficial for the reputation of your practice and the well being of your patients.

Know your target audience! Who is it that you want reading your blogs? Who is reading your blogs? Always keep these questions in mind when you’re writing. Keep topics relevant to your practice and conversational. Overly technical writing and medical jargon may be intimidating and difficult for some to understand. Always keep in mind that blog posts shouldn’t exceed 500-600 words. Readers are less engaged and less likely to finish a lengthier post.

Be creative!  Use original or purchased photographs and videos to support your blog posts. Adding media to posts help readers find them more interesting. Be sure to not post photos and videos you have downloaded from the internet without permission and attribution. Visuals are incredibly valuable for things that are difficult to explain through text, and those who learn better from visual information.

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