Engaging Patients on Social Media

Social media marketing has become a critical tactic in successful business marketing. All different types of businesses communicate with their clients through social media, which makes it even more important for medical practices to get involved. It is important for medical practices to create social media accounts and engage in meaningful interactions with existing and potential patients. Once you have put your practice out there in the social media world, how do you get followers involved in the conversation? Here are a few tips for effectively engaging clients over social media.

Build a reliable presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Let your patients know you want to communicate with them! Make sure that privacy settings on all of your social media accounts permit followers to leave comments. It is imperative you take the time to respond to comments. Negative comments should receive equally dedicated responses as positive comments. Answer questions patients may have, but be sure to never provide individual medical advice to patients over the web as this may violate patient-doctor privacy privileges.

Produce and distribute relevant information. Post informative, relevant information across your social media platforms. Keep in mind you are showcasing your practice and establishing an online brand through social media. This valuable form of marketing allows medical practices to communicate in a casual setting with existing and potential patients. Any changes about location, office hours, doctors, new technology in office, studies, articles, charity and community events are excellent content for social media posts.

Post often, but not too often. Everything in moderation. Excessive posting can look spammy, but inconsistent posting will not help your messages reach your audience. When users post too frequently, your audience is likely to unfollow you, but without posting often enough patients are likely to browse right past your post. This fine line is difficult to balance, but once it has been mastered, it is very beneficial to the business as well as clients. A general rule of thumb is to post at least once a day, but no more than 5 times daily.  The more buzz you create for your medical practice on the web, the better!

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