6 Topics for Content Marketing Through Physician Blogs

Blogs are a great addition to any medical practice’s website. Blogs allow current and prospective patients to have a better look inside your practice. Blogs are an accessible way for patients to get educated on your practice, but they are also a great way to market your practice without selling patients something. Content marketing is effectively a nontraditional approach to advertising. Here are 6 topics for content marketing through your practice’s blog.

  1. Changes in the practice. Has your office relocated? Has a new medical professional joined your staff? Has the practice added new technology? Any changes in the practice make for great content marketing that can be recycled over different types of media. Not only can changes in practice make for great blog posts, but they are also relevant informational bits to provide in Facebook posts and Tweets.
  2. What do you do? What does your practice offer? What is your medical specialty? Provide tips to your patients for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it pertains to your practice.
  3. FAQs. People love to read frequently asked questions. These types of posts are as beneficial to patients as they are to employees at the practice. Staff can direct patient’s questions to the FAQ post and add to it whenever new questions arise.
  4. Videos! People read less these days and watch more. Is there a health topic you feel strongly about? What are some things you would suggest to patients to prepare for surgery? These questions make for great videos. Try and keep the videos to a minute or less. The longer the video, the less likely people are to watch the entire thing.
  5. Health concerns. Think about your patient’s major concerns and then write about them! What are the top conditions you treat? What is the best way to avoid infection/injury…etc.?
  6. Health in the news. Was a new study released in the media that you have an opinion on? Was a new vaccination released that is causing a media buzz? Get involved with current events!

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