Website Development

More than 50% of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Google penalizes sites that do not provide excellent mobile experiences. All of our websites are developed on a responsive platform so that your content is easily viewed on any device, from the smallest phone to a modern tablet to the largest desktop monitors. In fact, MyAdvice was the first media company to provide a responsive website for every client.


Reaching Visitors Everywhere

As a trailblazer using responsive website technology, we have a lot of experience already. While our peers deemed responsive websites to be a fleeting technology, our team recognized the innovation and insisted that our clients cater to their customers’ every need. The modern-day consumer is constantly on the go, and that attitude needs to be reflected in your website. Your design and content must be optimally viewed on all platforms and adhere to your customers’ preferences.

The MyAdvice Website Development team can look at any website and say, “We’re going to turn it around and do it right.”

Uploading Content

On an ongoing basis, your website content needs to align with client needs when researching products or services that your business offers. Just as the clients are asking the questions, you need to respond to both their initial and more detailed inquiries. Your website should be an essential resource to your client base (which means the added bonus of better Search Engine Optimization).

While the bulk of your website content can remain on the website as a resource to your clients, generating new content is critical to keeping your business fresh on the clients’ minds. Doing so also boosts organic traffic for your website. Google aims to expose new content to website users. MyAdvice's Web Power product will help your website rise to the top of search results to increase the likelihood that potential clients seeking your products or services readily find your website.

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active WordPress sites on the web. Simply stated: WordPress works.


Every great building starts with a great foundation. Likewise, the foundation of your website is critical to usability, stability, and longevity. At MyAdvice, we build on the industry-leading, rock-solid WordPress CMS platform, which provides our clients with reliability and scalability.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Since its inception in 2003, there are 20 million active WordPress sites on the web as of April 2020. Simply stated: WordPress works. We use WordPress for the same reasons that CNN, CBS, GM, UPS, Fortune, Bloomberg, and IBM use it. WordPress is a solid, secure, and powerful platform that allows us to create beautiful, responsive, and feature-rich websites. With its vast programming options, there is no need for our developers to “reinvent the wheel” which allows us to spend more time focusing on YOUR market, YOUR message, and YOUR needs.

The WordPress platform is all about content creation and management as its CMS makes it relatively easy to add new content and edit existing content. Its inherent structure also helps our SEO experts implement an effective SEO strategy. Search engines find WordPress sites easy to index and therefore easy to find when clients search for your key search terms.

Photo Galleries

With our experience, we have a firm understanding of the balance between design/development best practices and the specialized needs of your industry. For example, photo galleries are worth investing considerable time and effort to ensure that they are beautiful, functional, as well as marketable and Google-friendly. We take pride in our careful attention to detail, a key component to providing this level of custom development.

Speed - Hosting, Caching, and CDN


of traffic is lost for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes to load a page, according to Google.

Source: Google

Needless to say, speed matters. Google considers your page load time when determining how much to boost your website’s visibility. Faster sites win - literally. That’s why MyAdvice provides hosting services with custom-built caching technology to deliver your site fast enough for both Google and your visitors.

Because our hosting architecture is hand-tuned to deliver the fastest hosting possible, no matter the size or popularity of your site, we can deliver it consistently, reliably, and quickly.

In addition to our advanced hosting and server-level caching services, we also provide a cutting-edge Content Delivery Network (CDN). This integrated fully managed CDN serves your static content from data centers all around the world, each byte delivered by the server closest to the requesting browser.


Our software automatically scans your website and fixes hacking attempts to provide maximum security. Our guarantee – we’ll do everything we can to ensure your site won’t get hacked. And if against all efforts, an issue arises, we’ll fix your website at no additional cost to you.

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