Engaging Existing Patients Through Social Media

The success of any medical practice depends on its ability to bring in new patients and generate new business. However, it’s important not to forget to engage with your existing patients. After all, satisfied patients are the ones who can help boost the reputation of your practice by sharing their experience with family or friends, and even with referring physicians.

Existing patients want to continue to feel a connection with your medical practice, even if they’ve been coming to you for years.

So, how can you continue to engage with your existing patients through social media?

It’s important to speak to your existing patients as if you know them. Make sure that your website contains links to your Facebook and Twitter pages, and regularly update your social media channel with interesting, relevant content that will truly¬† speak to your online audience.

What kind of information can you post on your social media channels that will hook your existing patients?

  • Any changes in your practice, such as a new doctor, service or location
  • Any medical articles or news that are relevant to either your practice, or the healthcare industry as a whole
  • Any achievements or awards you or your staff have received

Posting regularly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts will enhance your reputation and demonstrate to your existing patients that you are a proactive professional who is committed and interested in any new medical developments that may arise in your field. Post fresh content that will “hook” your patients into hearing what you have to say. The content you post on your social media pages doesn’t have to be lengthy, just keep it short, sweet, and interesting! After all, interesting content is far more likely to be shared on social media. Furthermore, if your patients interact with you through Facebook posts or Tweets, make sure you reply and engage with them to keep the conversation going.

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