New Year’s Resolutions: Website Design

In conclusion of our New Year’s Resolution series, we wanted to highlight the importance of a good website design. If your medical practice website needs updating, or needs creating all together, that’s a perfect New Year’s Resolution to make for your practice. To follow are a few key notes on why website design is so important to your medical practice.

Redesign Your Medical Practice Website in 2015

The face of the Web is constantly changing, and keeping your website up-to-date lends itself to making a positive first impression on potential patients. In 2015, it’s reasonable to expect more and more potential patients to be searching the Web for a new health care provider. If your site is out-dated, web users are likely to develop a negative first impression of your medical practice. The, “don’t judge a book by its cover” philosophy doesn’t apply when it comes to small business websites. Web users want to visit a site that is current, concise, fast and easy-to-use. Your medical practice website is the first thing many potential patients are going to see about you and your practice, so make sure it’s a good one.

Optimize For Mobile-Use in 2015

If your medical practice site still has two different versions, one for PCs and one for mobile devices, you should strongly consider redesigning your site for mobile optimization in 2015. Mobile optimization means your site is programmed on the back end to be reactionary to the screen it’s being displayed on, rather than forcing web users to clink a link for a mobile version while they are accessing your site from their smartphones or tablets. This simple redesign allows your site to become more accessible and faster, while helping retain site visitors and drive traffic to your site.

Re-Brand Your Medical Practice in 2015

A design overhaul, including a new office logo can breathe new life into your medical practice and help your business attract a different demographic of patients you may not have been reaching before. In 2015, expand your business by consulting with a representative with MyAdvice to find out what re-branding can do for your medical practice, and find out how it can increase your website’s visibility online. Re-branding can assist in increasing your bottom line in 2015.

Interested in a New Look for your Medical Practice in 2015? Consult MyAdvice.

MyAdvice can help design or redesign your medical practice website, and create a unique medical marketing campaign for your practice. For more information, contact an MyAdvice representative today.

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