5 Ways to Create a More Patient-Friendly Website

A recent study by the Journal of Healthcare Management looked at what makes an effective medical website and how consumers rate the sites of some of the country’s hospitals and health groups.

According to a report from American Medical News, the study suggests that hospitals and practices should hold a higher value on patients when designing and creating content for their site. Keeping in mind the way patients view and read your site is the key to success!

Here are 5 ways to achieve a patient-friendly website:

  1. Clear Navigation

    Patients come to your site for a specific reason. Whether they want to know where you’re located, which procedures you offer or details about a specific treatment, you must make that information accessible. The first step is creating a clear, user-friendly navigation menu.

  2. Comprehensible Content

    The way you present information is also important. You want to provide useful information in words and terms patients will understand. Know your audience and avoid medical jargon. Incorporating images and animations can also help illustrate certain procedures and conditions.

  3. Visibility in Search Engine

    Making your website accessible through search engines is crucial in ensuring patients find you. Optimize your site for related popular keywords and terms, and consider a pay-per-click campaign to guarantee placement in popular search engines.

  4. Social Media Icons

    Sharing your social media sites lets patients communicate with your practice in a way they’re already familiar with — through social networks!

  5. Call-to-Action

    By visiting your website, patients are showing an interest in the services you provide. If they can’t quickly and readily find a way to contact you, chances are they’ll move on to one of your competitors. Make sure your site displays a bold call-to-action on each page.

Creating a more patient-friendly website helps increases your chances of turning a visitor into a patient.

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