How to Write so Web Users Read

Writing digital content for your medical practice website is not like writing for a scholarly medial journal. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Digital content, whether it be for your medical practice blog, or for patient information has to be presented in a different style. Digital content has to be short, simple, concise, to the point, and start off with a punch in order to be effective. To follow are four tips to make sure your site visitors are actually reading– and engaging with your content.

Web Readers Aren’t  Inclined to Scroll, But They Are Likely to Click

  • Article and blog headlines should be simple and directly state what the article is about
  • Use hyperlinks to send users to a more in-depth article explaining a topic or service
  • In any given article, don’t use more than three hyperlinks, and only link to valuable information

Web Readers Skim

  • Break up large blocks of text with subheads, bullet points and numbered lists
  • Boldface or hyperlink keywords for better visibility

Use the Inverted Pyramid to Bait Readers

  • Start with the ending, and work backwards through your article to explain it
  • Put the most important information at the top of the article
  • When the most important information is up top, readers are more inclined to get the gist

Write Copy Stylized for the Web

  • Traditional style guides don’t necessarily apply to Web writing
  • Always use an active voice
  • Keep target audience in mind while writing (for physicians, target audience of often potential and existing patients)
  • Use casual language that is easily understood by everyone
  • When using hyperlinks, don’t use “click here” use a descriptive keyword

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