Convert Website Visitors to Patients with a Bold Call-to-Action

The purpose of a website today is to get visitors to take action, right then and there. And, since studies show that you have as little as three seconds to grab the attention of a website visitor, you have to ask yourself this: how can I captivate my audience enough to take the first step?

This is where having bold calls-to-action comes in. Whether you want patients to fill out a contact form, book a consultation or subscribe to your email newsletter, understanding how to implement a call-to-action is crucial.

Make Sure Your Contact Information Stands Out

Potential patients come to your site for a specific reason — because they’re interested in your services. If they can’t quickly and readily find a way to contact you, chances are they’ll move on to one of your competitors.

Your phone number and address should be in a visible spot. Since the eye is naturally drawn to the top right side of a page, it’s the perfect place for your contact information. Also, make sure it contrasts in color with the background of your site and is of decent size compared to the rest of your text.

Urge Potential Patients to Stay Connected

Another great example of a call-to-action is encouraging web visitors to stay connected with your practice. Include social media icons on your website and urge viewers to subscribe to your practice’s newsletter.

Add a Quick Contact Form

Perhaps one of the most valuable calls-to-action is a Quick Contact Form on each page of your site. Prompting potential patients to share their contact information with you converts them to leads. By having their name, email address and phone number,you can begin reaching out to them!

Contact forms also allow you to measure the success of your website and call-to-action, as you can keep track of the number of potential patients who were intrigued enough to fill out your contact form. Google Analytics allows you to set up goals for these contact forms, and each time one is filled out, it counts as a “conversion.” Keeping track of your conversations is helpful in determining the effectiveness of your website.

Consider a Special Offer

Promoting a special offer on your website is another great call-to-action. Create an eye-catching graphic and state your offer in as few words as possible. For example, “Free Consultation” or “1/2 off Teeth Whitening.” Creating a separate landing page with its own contact form is a great way to keep track of the success of your offer and interested potential patients.

The Bottom Line

Websites are no longer just for sharing as much practice information as possible. To sell your services, you need to captivate your potential patients enough to take action. If your site attracts 200 visitors, but none of them are encouraged to take the next step, that’s 200 missed opportunities.

Not sure what will work for your practice’s call-to-action?

Need some ideas for your website’s call-to-action? MedNet has helped thousands of medical practices increase conversion rates with attractive websites and more effective calls-to-action. Contact a MedNet representative today for assistance.

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