Healthcare: Top Unexpected Industry to Succeed on Pinterest

Pinterest is not only the fastest growing social network and one of the best sources for referral traffic; it’s more importantly a creative marketing platform to reach your potential patients!

Hubspot recently named healthcare among the “7 Industries You Wouldn’t Expect to Be Creative on Pinterest (But Are)”. Why? Because marketers for hospitals and healthcare practices are seeing a connection between the demographic of Pinterest users and their target market. 80% of Pinterest users are women, 30% of which are between the ages 25-34 and many of which are moms. If moms are among your target market, start pinning! Moms love to chat about health, and Pinterest allows doctors, dentists and other health pros to provide health information and wellness tips in a visual and creative manner.

Here are a few ideas to start off your Pinterest strategy

  • Share health & fitness tips: Share health and fitness tips. This can include anything from recommended exercises to weight loss tips to healthy recipes. Think outside the box!
  • Promote your favorite products: Do you offer beauty or skincare products? Pinterest is a great way to showcase them! Put up pictures of your products, with images of results.
  • Patient stories: One thing healthcare marketing pros have learned is that people love patient stories. From beating the odds to cancer, to weight loss stories, to stories about childbirth, people are touched by hearing about people they can relate to. Get patients involved by launching a success stories series to your blog and share on Pinterest!
  • Promote blog posts: If you don’t already add images to each blog post, this is a great reason to begin. Sharing blog posts on Pinterest is a great way to gain traffic to your site, without having to put it much extra work!
  • YouTube videos: Share your practice’s YouTube videos to generate visits to your channel.

Join Pinterest Today!

As you can see, there’s a lot your practice can gain from joining Pinterest. Join today and follow our boards for some guidance!

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