Healthcare SEO Tips: What NOT To Do!

Early in 2011, Google announced the rollout of changes to their search results ranking algorithm , called the Google Panda Updates. Since, Google has made many updates designed to reward sites that share unique content, acquire high quality backlinks, and possess low bounce rates. These updates changed the way businesses should go about performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and while we’re sure you often hear about what you should do to enhance your Google rankings, here are a few things should not do to enhance SEO!

  • Sharing Duplicate Content: Search engines DO NOT like duplicate content. In fact, Google will actually penalize websites for duplicate content. This means you should:
  • Avoid sharing the same information numerous times on your website. Quality over quantity! Sure, having a large website is desirable, but every page shouldn’t be the same information restated.
  • Avoid sharing content that is found elsewhere on the internet at large. Besides plagiarism and copyright penalties, Google will also penalize your site for using content that has already been used.
  • Adding Pages for the Sake of Adding Pages: Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to websites. If you’re adding pages to your site just to grow it in size, you may want to rethink your strategy. Low quality or unnecessary pages may cause a decrease in your rankings.
  • Content with Medical Jargon: Avoid language that patients will not understand. Remember, they are the ones searching for your services. Your content should reflect the keywords patients use.
  • Inconsistent Internal Linking. When linking to a different page within your website, be consistent. For example, don’t link to “” and “” and “”

Experts in Healthcare SEO

These are just a few among the many things your practice should avoid on the web. Constant changes in Google’s algorithm make it hard to stay up to date. Let us help! At MyAdvice, we offer a variety of SEO plans. We’ll analyze your traffic, adjust your campaign for maximum performance, and send you ranking reports and custom executive summaries— so you know how well your SEO campaign is performing. Optimizing your site takes ongoing effort and doesn’t happen over night, start today! Contact us to learn more!

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