A recent survey shows that, when asked about who controls the social media efforts at their business, approximately 50 percent replied that it’s someone in their marketing department.

Coming in second place at 18 percent was the response that it’s someone in the public relations department, and 13 percent stated that “no one person controls all the organization’s social media efforts.”

Conducted by the Altimeter Group, the survey also found that 62 percent of companies have no social media education program, even though they also stated that social media is “a top priority” for them. In fact, 43 percent said that their top internal social media strategy objective is to develop internal education and training.

These findings highlight the importance of having a unified social media strategy within your practice, and making sure that your accounts are being used to their full potential. Most importantly, those in charge of setting up, maintaining and updating your socials media accounts should know how to do so efficiently.

This includes maintaining a professional tone that accurately reflects your practice and its vision, while posting content that is engaging, informative and relevant. All of your practice’s social media accounts should also be regularly updated, with at least one post per week on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Altimeter Group’s survey researchers noted that “…As social business efforts permeate the enterprise, those without ‘social’ in their titles often lag in understanding of the corporate social business strategy, let alone know how to use social media safely or effectively.

“The need for employee education on social media becomes apparent as social business programs formalize and mature,” they added.

Making sure that your social media accounts have been set up properly and accurately reflect your practice’s information is the first step in making sure that they show up in search results and boost your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

The staff member or members in charge of setting up and running your practice’s social media accounts should also be aware of your goals for the accounts, and be informed about the ways they can go about reaching them.


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