Can You Create A Facebook Page Without An Account?

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With over 2.4 billion active users, Facebook has a massive potential audience for businesses looking to connect with clients via social media. If you’ve decided to join the Facebook world but you don’t already have a Facebook account, you might be wondering if it’s possible to make a page for your business without an account. 

The answer to that question is a resounding no. However, it is possible to create a Facebook profile that’s truly private so you can maintain your privacy while simultaneously utilizing all of the benefits of a Facebook business page. Here’s why you want to do that and how to go about it.

Why Create A Facebook Page for Your Business?

Not convinced that a business page is worth setting up your own facebook profile? Here are three reasons it’s absolutely worth it:

  • The numbers don’t lie: it’s worth it for businesses to be on Facebook. According to Hootsuite, 92% of all direct-to-consumer businesses are on Facebook, with 89% of b2b businesses. 
  • Having a Facebook business page means you can utilize targeted social ads. While it used to be possible to run ads without a business page, Facebook has changed this requirement and now requires a linked business page to run ads.
  • Over 40% of businesses list Facebook as their most profitable social channel. With so much information about its own user base available, Facebook is able to offer advanced audience targeting features. 

How to Create A (Truly) Private Facebook Profile

Now that you know why a business profile is important, here’s how to create your own nearly-anonymous profile to manage it. First, you’ll need to create an account using your business email. 

Here’s what Facebook requires in order to start a profile:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birthday
  • Gender

It’s important to note that if you already have a Facebook account and are trying to start a second, both accounts will be at risk for flagging and deletion by Facebook. That’s not the only rule to pay attention to, however, as using a fake name or the name of your business also puts your profile at risk for corrective action by the platform. Follow the rules to keep your account safe. 

Once you’ve created your account, take a look at your privacy settings. Facebook gives users an incredible amount of control over their private information, but some assembly is required. As you edit your profile, you’ll see the option to make all of your information visible to different groups, including “public,” “friends,” or “only me.” Setting the information you provided to be visible only to yourself means that nobody else can see what you’ve entered, which keeps your personal information private and your profile anonymous. 

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