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If you are a small medical practice or office, attracting new patients may be difficult. Today, patients seldom turn to the Yellow Pages to find a doctor in their local area. Instead, they are more likely to turn to the internet to find recommendations and listings for doctors in their area.

One of the best ways of attracting new patients to your practice is to add your practice to an online directory. Online business directories are among the best ways of being found by potential patients. Several well-known websites, including Google, Yahoo, or Bing, offer local business listings. The main purpose of creating a business listing on any of these websites is to establish the presence of your office or practice within a specific town, region, or state. It’s also important to remember that a local business listing is not just for a small medical practice- these listings can benefit you even if you are a larger practice with multiple doctors!

Here are some of the most important things to know about creating your local business listings:

  • Local business listings must be optimized to work effectively. This is why it’s important to add as much information as you can onto your listing- such as your address, phone number, etc. You can also add a photo of yourself or your practice to your listing to make it even more complete. Targeted keywords are also effective for driving traffic to your listing through search engine results.
  • Local business listings should support your website. Despite the huge benefit of having local business listings, these listings are not considered an effective replacement for a website. Instead, local business listings should serve as a support tool for your website. Patients may use business listings to first gain insight into your practice, and eventually these listings will direct them to your website. However, you may want to add photos, videos, promotional offers, maps,  and other content to your listings to make your practice truly stand out.
  • Local business listings need to be managed. Much like your website, local business listings need to be frequently monitored by either someone in your practice or an outside party. This means looking at any positive or negative reviews of your practice! Though it might be extremely frustrating to read bad things about your practice it is essential to engage with all of your patients, to ensure that your practice continues to improve with time. Most patients will appreciate it when you listen to what they have to say!


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