A Basic Guide to SEO

Search engine optimization, or what internet marketing experts refer to as, “SEO” is an extremely important process that ensures your business has a visible and credible web presence. SEO affects the ranking of a website as it appears in search engine results. By increasing the visibility of certain aspects of a website to a search engine, the higher your website will be ranked. The higher ranked your website, the more visitors you will have to your webpage. This sequence of events helps to increase overall profits. But how does it all work?

Keywords You’re probably wondering what you can do to make your website appear higher on a Google or Yahoo search. Search engines target things like photos, videos, content, activity and important words called keywords. The purpose of keywords is to summarize and target the intention of the content on a specific webpage. With the help of keywords, the search engine can “crawl” through websites and match pages to appropriate web searches. Therefore, it’s important to have strong and relevant keywords.

What can medical practices do? There’s thousands of doctors all over the world, which means there’s thousands of medical practice websites. So give the search engines what they want. Some factors include keywords, content length, age, domain history, links, urls, etc. As a doctor, it’s important to load your website with researched and relevant information. This will not only draw your patients in and help gain their trust, but it will create a variety of keywords search engines can pick up on. Here’s some quick tips to effective SEO tactics.

  1. Create original, interesting and valuable content- this is the most important step in SEO!
  2. The use of backlinks will make your site popular and direct users to your website!
  3. Quality organic content will create keywords, do not over-saturate pages with irrelevant keywords, this will hurt search engine ranking!
  4. Relevant keyword placement, make sure keywords are in URLs, photo captions, and article titles!

The higher your website ranks on a search engine, such as Google, the better chance you have of increasing traffic to your page. People generally trust websites that rank in the top 5 on search engines!

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