Three Tools For Increasing Online Visibility For Your Medical Practice Website

A physician can have the best medical practice website on the World Wide Web, but if it isn’t properly marketed, web users will never see it. There are some measures a medical practice can take in order to increase their website’s online visibility, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) through pay-per-click or sponsored links, and Google+ business listings. These online marketing techniques can direct web users to your medical practice website, and turn them into new patients.

Three Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Medical Practice Website:

  1. Three Tools For Increasing Online Visibility For Your Medical Practice WebsiteSearch Engine Optimization. This is a natural way of increasing your website’s rank on search engines. By including targeted keyword phrases in the content of your website, along with link building, your site will eventually gain credibility and climb up the ranks.
  2. Search Engine Marketing. Specifically, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help ensure your website will be seen by potential patients. The first few links to rank on a search engine are sponsored. Using PPC is beneficial to increasing your visibility online because you’re guaranteeing your site will be seen, and you only pay to rank each time your site is clicked on by a web user. You can set your own budget for PPC, and gauge its success through personalized reports.
  3. Google+ Business Listing. In addition to SEM, simply setting up a Google+ business listing for your medical practice can help increase your online visibility. When Google verifies your business, it will show users a map of your office’s location and will allow users to quickly click links for directions or to call your office to schedule an appointment.

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