Tips To Becoming A Board-Certified Blogger

It’s not secret that blogs are a powerful marketing tool, particularly in the medical field. Not only do they help to increase visibility, they also establish the author as a trusted source of information. While blogging may be the last task on the mind of a busy physician, the fool-proof tips prove that creating a successful blog is not only possible, but enjoyable.

  • Expertise: One of the easiest ways to craft an effective and useful blog post is to write about what you know. Thanks to years of rigorous training in medical school and clinical practice, physicians have a wealth of information and expertise at their disposal. By doing so, you will further boost your online presence and establish yourself as a voice of authority in your chosen specialty.
  • Personality: A blog offers a great opportunity to infuse a bit of personality into your practice. Give your digital audience a glimpse “behind the curtain” and don’t be afraid to get creative. This is your chance to shine a light on the human aspects of medicine.
  • Education: Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for a doctor to establish a regular blog is to educate current and prospective patients. A blog provides doctors with a platform to present accurate and useful information, while also engaging with patients.
  • News and Updates: While the central theme of every medical blog remains focused on healthcare, not every post needs to discuss a condition or procedure. Has your practice moved to a new location? Have you expanded? Are you offering a new treatment or service? Did one of your providers win in award or attend a conference? Write about it. Patients are interested in reading about the day-to-day updates and achievements of your practice.

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