The Key to Succeed in Local SEO

A recent study has found that a majority of physicians and practice managers do not know how to successfully advertise and maintain the online presence of their practice. The most common mistake amongst them was that they tended to focus all of their marketing efforts on a single tactic. It is very easy for practice managers to get caught up in the latest SEO trends. They see a video or read a post on a given tactic and then shift all of their time and attention to that one method, forgetting about everything else.

Local SEO involves much more than optimizing meta tags or updating your Google business page. Local SEO incorporates a number of different marketing strategies, that when used together, result in great local search results for your practice.

SEO Tactics To Remember

  • Optimize all of the pages on your website with keywords and your practice location
  • Have your content stand out by making it unique
  • Write blogs relevant to your practice and the services you provide
  • Create and fully optimize your business listings, the most important being your Google+ page
  • Encourage patients to write positive reviews for all of your listings
  • Get good links to your web site
  • Claim any citations and make sure all the information is correct
  • Create a mobile version of your website (This is very important, since mobile search is tracked by Google and is becoming more widespread)
  • Enhance your social media presence and interact regularly with patients

The key to having a successful SEO campaign is to do a little bit of everything. You cannot just optimize your title tags and expect to rank number one on Google. A broad marketing plan and careful strategy will ensure that your site gets the exposure needed to bring in more patients to your practice.


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