Facebook to Boost Video Posts, Implement New Video Tab

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Do you remember a couple months ago when we told you that Facebook would penalize Business Pages with too many promotional posts? Now there’s a way for your business to hop back to the top of the newsfeed!

Facebook revealed that video posts are on the rise (with a 94% increase in the United States and a 75% increase overall). Even better, their statistics show that video posts appeared in newsfeeds 360% more within the past year. Instead of uploading videos to YouTube then posting a link on Facebook, users are posting videos directly to the social media platform. And Facebook wants to reward you for direct posts by giving you a boost.

Facebook is also in the process of unveiling new video features on Business Pages. Not only will video posts be featured in more newsfeeds, they’ll have a home on your Page. Next to the Photos tab will soon be a Video tab, where you can select a feature video, organize playlists, and maintain a chronological lists of uploaded videos. Keep an eye out for the new features within the next few weeks.


We love this idea at MyAdvice! While we handle the day-to-day posts on your page, you can supplement your content with fun videos of your staff, your doctors, and your office. Facebook users engage more with this type of content, as made evident by more likes and comments. In the near future, you can also start organizing your videos for optimal customer viewing. Let us know how we can help as soon as your Video tab makes its debut.

To get started… here are some tips on shooting a successful Facebook video:

  • Videos should be fun and engaging. They’ll appear in newsfeeds along with posts from family and friends.
  • Keep videos short and sweet. Quick videos tend to do well in newsfeeds.
  • Auto-play is initially silent. Make sure that your videos are compelling even without sound.

Happy video posting!

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