SEO Trends for Small Businesses in 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) practices are constantly changing. It’s success is built on understanding the algorithm set forth by major search engines such as Google, and developing a reactionary plan. To follow are some of the tactics we expect to see in SEO implementation for 2015.

Content Marketing

  • Write content for your site with a purpose
  • The end result should be pre-planned in your writing process
  • Determine whether content should promote, establish branding or drive sales

Keyword Search

  • Will remain the most powerful aspect of SEO
  • Using the right words, is what’s more important
  • Invest in some keyword research, the benefits can be astounding

Map Marketing

  • Showing up on a map in Google is becoming increasingly important to SEO for small business in local searches
  • Increasingly important aspect of mobile marketing

Mobile Optimization

  • At this point, mobile optimization is a requirement, not a luxury
  • How quickly your mobile site loads will become increasingly important to SEO and how search engine’s are computing your site’s ranking
  • Search engines are now marking sites as “mobile friendly” on search engine results pages, if someone is searching your site from a mobile device, this will effect your site’s rank

Image and Video Optimization

  • The tags and keywords in images and videos are increasingly important to SEO
  • Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and Vimeo are going to start playing a role in digital marketing
  • File names of images and videos are becoming the most important aspect in online visibility

Meaningful Social Media Interactions

  • Using the correct hashtags in an effective way is critical in 2015
  • Hashtags will increase your visibility on social media
  • Hashtags can help drive traffic to your medical practice website
  • Hashtags and meaningful interactions such as retweets can help boost your online brand, directly related to SEO

Don’t Snooze on Your NAP

  • NAP stands for, Name, Address, Phone number
  • Errors and inconsistencies in NAP can counteract your SEO efforts
  • Most common errors in NAP are listing former practice titles, former addresses and phone numbers
  • Having mismatched NAP across different social media profiles, websites and business listings can hurt your site ranking

Ready to Ramp Up Your SEO for Your Medical Practice in 2015? Let MyAdvice Help

If you would like more information about what SEO can do for your medical practice website, contact an MyAdvice representative. Our SEO experts can develop a unique  campaign to positively impact your website’s search engine rank. We can be reached at 435.575.7470.

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