3 Realistic Expectations You Should Have For Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a process where experts use a variety of methods to increase traffic to a specific website by driving up the site’s rank on a search engine results page. There is no quick fix to SEO, and often website owners focus on ranking number one, however, there are many ways to ensure your website gains traction. To follow are a few key notes on realistic expectations of what a SEO campaign can do for your medical practice website.

Your rankings won’t improve overnight.

There’s no way around it: SEO is a long term process. Especially with the advent of the Helpful Content Update, the requirements for good SEO have only increased. Sometimes, rankings can improve in as little as three to six months, but sometimes it takes much longer. It depends on the industry you’re in, how old your website is, and what’s happening with the Google algorithm.

There’s more than one type of search.

There are three different ways web users type queries into a search engine. Searches can be navigational, informational, transactional, branded, and more. It’s important to keep all of these different type of searches in mind when building your website, so you can optimize each area of your site for the respective type of search you want to target. Some search formats are easier to rank for than others, and what works best for your site can be determined over time.

There are some big factors that can impact your success.

And some of them might surprise you! We already mentioned the Google algorithm and your industry, but competition in your given field, the location of your physical businesses and success of your local search campaigns, and your domain authority score are other factors that could have an impact.

We Can Help

If you would like more information about what SEO can do for your medical practice, contact a MyAdvice representative. Our SEO experts can develop a unique campaign tailored to your business needs.

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