Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a process where experts use a variety of methods to increase traffic to a specific website by driving up the site’s rank on a search engine results page. There is no quick fix to SEO, and often website owners focus on ranking number one, however, there are many ways to ensure your website gains traction. To follow are a few key notes on realistic expectations of what a SEO campaign can do for your medical practice website.

Ranking Number One Doesn’t Happen Overnight

  • SEO is a long term process
  • Search engine analytics are constantly changing, therefore SEO methods must react to those changes to be ultimately successful
  • Ranking can improve for a new site within three to six months, however multiple factors are involved

Understanding How People Use Search Engines Affects SEO

There are three different ways web users type queries into a search engine. Searches are either navigational, informational, or transactional. When web developers are building your medical practice website, it will be optimized to index for these varying forms of searches. Some search formats are easier to rank for than others, and what works best for your site can be determined over time.

Major Factors That Impact SEO

  • Competition in your given field
  • Age of website
  • Location, location, location
  • Link Building Campaign

These factors are best explained through an example. If you are a plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles your website faces staggering competition. Los Angeles is a major city where plastic surgery is very popular. In this instance, when a practice develops a new site and submits it to search engines, it will take time for that site to gain authority among its competition. Web presence and social media can help create a buzz about your medical practice, but it will have no effect on your SEO. Alternately, a plastic surgery practice in Santa Monica, a smaller city by comparison to Los Angeles may have a better shot at ranking higher, faster. However, rank is not guaranteed because the variables involved are always evolving. In addition to location, gaining credibility for your medical practice website through a link building campaign can directly improve your site’s SEO efforts. Directory sites, or sites that focus on local business can help drive SEO. For example, placing your medical practice on Google+ and creating a business listing, or a listing on Yelp can help drive in-bound links to your site.

Have More Questions About SEO? MyAdvice Can Answer Them For You

If you would like more information about what SEO can do for your medical practice website, contact a MyAdvice representative. Our SEO experts can develop a unique  campaign to positively impact your website’s search engine rank. We can be reached by calling 435.575.7470.

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