MyAdvice Launches New Lead Management Feature

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LEHI, Utah, March 14, 2024 – MyAdvice, a software-as-a-service company providing digital marketing solutions for medical, dental, and law practices, announced the launch of a new lead management feature for clients looking to better track the progress of the marketing-sourced prospects moving through their system. This tracking system will provide a clear look at the leads MyAdvice clients have generated, as well as the projected value they will add to the business.

“Measurement and management are two essential components of successful marketing programs,” said Shawn Miele, CEO of MyAdvice. “We’re very excited to launch this highly-requested lead management feature, and empower our clients by providing both a hands-on way to interact with incoming leads and a direct, easy-to-interpret view into how those leads provide value to their business.”

Lead Management is free to all MyAdvice clients. Additionally, clients who utilize MyAdvice’s Form Power will see their leads automatically populate in the system. 

Other key features of Lead Management include:

  • Industry and specialty-specific lead values – Lead Management comes pre-configured with average values for specific services, lifetime amounts, and projected lead conversion rates, based on third-party industry data. These can be configured as needed to dial in the revenue opportunity for each business on an overall level or on a location-specific basis. Every lead comes into the system with a projected value based on these configurations. 
  • Individual visit and lifetime values – Clients can view potential revenue in terms of both individual visits and the projected lifetime value of a lead throughout their relationship with the business.
  • Month-to-month trend analysis – Adjust time frames to compare lead volume, conversion rates, and other key metrics to identify trends and track performance over time. 
  • Location filtering – Drill down within Lead Management to see location-specific lead volume, statuses, and more. 
  • Custom status and fields – Allows staff to note the conversion status of leads and record important information as they are interacting with them, such as Insurance Provider, Nickname, etc., as well as freeform text fields. 
  • Lead assignment – Ensures ownership for follow-up with and conversion of MyAdvice leads.
  • Internal and external auto-responders – Delivers immediate, personalized communication to a new lead while giving staff or other internal stakeholders a heads-up that the new lead needs attention.
  • Ad hoc notes – Enables teams to add explanations or any other details to a Lead record, so staff members are on the same page when interacting with an individual. 
  • Leads from external sources – Lead Management enables tracking of leads from sources outside of the MyAdvice platform, such as phone calls, emails, etc.


MyAdvice empowers more than 1,800 business owners and professionals to increase their revenue by attracting and retaining more customers through digital marketing. The SaaS-based platform enables hands-on control and visibility into performance of online marketing activities, backed by 20+ years of best practices and expertise on how to maximize those efforts. MyAdvice’s six-stage Pyramid of Success provides a proven step-by-step plan for how and when to implement growth-oriented marketing tactics for greatest impact, including website design and maintenance, local directories, customer reviews, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Learn more at

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