Offers Bring Clicks

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Have you ever thought about starting a Pay Per Click campaign? If so, do you wonder what to do to get started or how to influence click rates to really get your consumer’s attention? Pay Per Click can be daunting to figure out unless you are dedicated to it full-time. Deciding on the right marketing message is a start, but modifying that message through trial and error is critical as well. Knowing what days of week and what times of day will yield the most results for your demographic is also critical.

At MyAdvice, we know how to manage Pay Per Click campaigns for you. One thing we have found that is backed up by some big league research is that offers draw clicks. The goal of a Pay Per Click campaign is to get a patient into your office and have them purchase a procedure. However, to get them that far you must show them something that grabs their interest and makes them click on your ad. Once they have clicked, what they see and read must be compelling enough to make them call your office, schedule an appointment, show up for that appointment and pay for a procedure.

Free and discount offers tend to be the most successful ads you can run for getting people in the door. This is our experience and it is backed up by some interesting research just conducted by none other than Google itself. Google conducted a broad survey to find out what kind of information consumers found appealing and what their click through rates would be for certain types of ads. Offers and discounts topped the list with 2/3 of respondents saying that they considered offers and discounts to be useful or very useful.

To design a successful campaign, first you must know your prospective customer base, then you must know their online activity patterns, then you must know what to present them to grab their interest. Offers and discounts should be one of your most important tools for doing that.

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