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Connecting consumers with plastic surgeons has been our job since 1998. We constantly seek ways to make it easier for consumers to find the professionals they need. To that end, MyAdvice pioneered the use of IP technology to deliver profiles of plastic surgeons to our website visitors through the Featured Practice module. Every visitor to each of our plastic surgery websites sees a picture and a short description of surgeons close to them on almost every page of the website. Consumers can still search via name, state, city or zip code, but they can also click directly through to the full profile of plastic surgeons near them through our Featured Practice module.We offer this service to plastic surgeons at no additional charge! Some of our competitors offer extra cost “premium” listings or offer the ability to purchase a slot on the homepage. Our philosophy is and always has been that we should do everything we can to help our consumers and our plastic surgeons come together. To that end, we offer our Featured Practice module for free on almost every page of our websites. Take a look at these three home pages to see what we mean

The right rail on each of the pages above shows 3 of the 10 closest plastic surgeons in our database to the visitor. The 10 are rotated through on a random basis 3 at a time. On page refresh, the system assigns a new random 3 from the 10.

Click through to most of our content pages and you will see this Featured Practice module in the same location on the right rail. This consistency of presentation means that consumers always know where to look for it. In addition, we are helping plastic surgeons to build brand recognition on every single page of our sites by displaying their brand in the Featured Practice module. Research shows that branding works and ultimately leads to more patients and a more successful practice. But that’s a topic for a future post!

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