New Google Algorithm Changes Are Mobile-Specific

Responsive Devices March 2015

As you’ve probably already realized, MyAdvice is a responsive website advocate. All of our new website designs feature responsive technology, and we strongly encourage new customers to consider a responsive website conversion if their current websites are non-responsive. Google proved with its latest algorithm update that they’re on the exact same page.

Since the update, websites without mobile designs have shown significantly lower mobile traffic results. Desktop results appear to be roughly the same. The change indicates that Google likely altered their mobile algorithm specifically to weed out non-mobile sites from search results in an effort to better the user experience.

To be fair, Google warned the webmasters of non-mobile websites that their traffic would be affected in the very near future. These are the sites that are currently experiencing the effects of the mobile algorithm change. If you’re curious about your traffic results, compare numbers from before and after January 24th.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you don’t already have a responsive website, you need one! We recommend a responsive website as opposed to a mobile-friendly website to reduce the maintenance. (Mobile website versions require a separate website… technically.) Responsive websites are also a better way to consistently include more information in a readable format. (Mobile website versions often present limited information.)

And when you convert to a responsive website, your organic search traffic will surely grow (and there will be no need to worry about your mobile search results being affected).

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Our team is ready when you are to convert your website to a responsive design. Feel free to contact your Customer Success Coordinator for more information.

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