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Flo LIKE April 2015

When you hear the name Flo, who do you think of? If you thought of the spokesperson for Progressive Auto Insurance, you just proved the point our Social Media Team wants to make!

Even if Flo didn’t come to your mind right away, you probably still know who we’re talking about. She’s quirky, bubbly, and sells insurance. But did you also know that she has her own Facebook page?! In fact, Flo’s page outperforms Progressive Auto Insurance’s page by over 1000%.

Currently, Flo, the Progressive Girl has nearly 5.5 million followers. Progressive only has about 350,000. That’s a huge difference! Why is this the case? Flo, a fictional character, is packed with personality. And that’s what Facebook followers want to see. The more your business feels like an actual friend, the more they’ll interact with your page and consider using your services.



MyAdvice continues to urge customers to incorporate personal posts into their digital marketing strategies. Getting personal is a proven technique to increase your social media engagement. Don’t worry! We don’t expect you to hire a mascot for your medical practice (although that would be very cool). We just want for your personality to shine through your social media pages!

And there’s no need to pile personality onto business-related posts to be effective. Flo never even posts anything about insurance. She posts about unicorns and glitter and snowmen. However, she always boasts Progressive logos, so there’s no mistake as to which brand she represents.


Why don’t you give it a try?! Start taking photos around your office… birthday celebrations, holiday decorating, or fun visitors to your practice. Then, post them on Facebook. Watching the responses will be an important step as well. When your engagement increases via comments, you’ll want to post your own responses to maintain connections with potential customers.

As much as our Social Media Team would love to be able to incorporate extra personalized posts, the best posts come straight from the source. That’s you!! If you need guidance, let us know. We’re ready to help your Facebook page to continue to grow.

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