How Does Google’s Newest Algorithm Update Affect Me?

If you’re a doctor or practice with a website, chances are that if you get this newsletter you most certainly fit that category, you may be asking yourself, or your SEO company, how does Google’s new algorithm change affect me?

Google’s latest algorithm update named “Hummingbird,” is the search engine giant’s next step in streamlining search results—In turn, better serving its audience. Google’s search chief Amit Singhal admits the algorithm change is drastic, telling’s Danny Sullivan it’s the most dramatic since 2001.

While there have been a number of Google updates in those years Hummingbird is an entirely new way search queries are listed. Essentially, the way that people and potential patients search the Internet has changed remarkably. Google’s algorithm change is to accommodate and adjust to those changes.

One of the biggest changes, according to Google, is “Conversational Search”—where the search engine takes into account an entire sentence as the query as opposed to focusing on each word. This is the way we speak and think; in sentences, not word for word. Hummingbird employs semantic search, aiming to understand the user’s intention as a whole.
Search queries from the user will be better answered. Doctors and practices will show up for more relevant searches.

SEO (search engine optimization) experts across the board agree that engaging, shareable content continues to be the driving force behind search results—even more so than before.  And with Hummingbird’s semantic search adaptation, being able to answer patients’ online queries with informative content will be as helpful to the practice as it is to the patient searching.

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