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Okay, okay! We know we’ve been blogging about paid search and social media A LOT lately. But we took a step back to remember organic search, and we still think it’s pretty great!

We’ve always believed that a dynamic approach is the best approach. Each piece of a digital marketing strategy is stronger as part of the whole. While less glamorous than the other methods, organic search is no exception.

Let’s break it down! Here’s why organic search needs to be part of the mix with paid search and social media:

Organic search delivers relevant traffic. Pay-per-click ads also deliver relevant traffic, but deceptively less than organic search. What you may perceive as relevant traffic is actually only increased conversions (still great, just different). Combining organic search with paid search is the key for success. Note: The point below about customer loyalty also speaks to this benefit.

Organic search builds a loyal customer base. Social media boosts brand recognition, and website traffic is typically limited to one page (perhaps your specials page or a blog post). Paid search appeals to customers who are ready to buy a product or schedule a service right now, but they may not develop loyalty in the process. For continued success, you’ll need a solid base of customers who are likely to return again and again.

Organic search offers more control regarding visibility. For Facebook (and other social media platforms), the News Feed algorithm changes on short notice often to the detriment of Business Pages. And even if you’ve hired a social media expert, the algorithm provides few options to boost visibility. Google also releases algorithm changes regularly, but they typically won’t dramatically affect websites being managed by experienced SEOs who adhere to industry standards.

Organic search provides a solid base for your strategy. Paid search traffic and conversions immediately drop when your campaign ends. Unless you’re willing to always pay for PPC ads, your digital marketing strategy needs a plan for ongoing website traffic. And while PPC campaigns need to be continuously monitored, organic search optimization is meant to be self-sufficient for some period of time.

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