The Benefits of the Press Release

Today, most medical practices focus their energies on building followings through social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter. While the press release has long been considered one of the most powerful marketing tools, it is now often forgotten due to all the focus on social media and online channels.

However, the press release is still beneficial in many different ways. Let’s explore how the press release can benefit your practice:

  1. Press release distribution will help your visibility. In addition to providing insight into services offered within your practice, a press release has many search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Placing a press release online can help drive traffic to your website, and make your practice go straight to the top of searching engine rankings.  No matter the size of your practice, you can benefit from a press release.
  2. Press releases can help spread your practice’s objectives more efficiently. No matter how you try, it is almost impossible to showcase everything that matters about your medical practice in just a few social media posts or medical blogs. Press releases will allow a doctor to send out updated news, information, or messages that cannot be effectively communicated anywhere else.
  3. Press releases are cost-effective alternatives to paid advertising.  Many people consider press releases cost-effective since it is something they can write themselves. However, press releases are not usually expensive to distribute, even if an outside company is handling your press releases and SEO needs.  Even if your practice does not have a large budget to spend on advertising, press releases can often be sent out simply by email, or through a news distribution website.  Whether you end up writing your own press releases, or sending them to an outside company, be sure to post the releases to your own website so that it is accessible to patients looking for information about your practice.

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