Top Five Benefits of Social Customer Service

Have you ever considered serving patients via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+? If the thought hadn’t crossed your mind, it’s time to start thinking social! A recent whitepaper released by thinkJar and Sword Ciboodle, titled “We Are Social: The State of Social Customer Service,” identified the top 5 benefits of social customer service.

Top Five Benefits of Social Customer Service

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction
  2. Meet Customer Expectations
  3. Intangible Benefit
  4. Increased Loyalty
  5. Reduced Cost of Customer Support

Using Social Media to Communicate with Patients

While it’s important to be careful not to disclose too much information to patients on social media sites, you can:

  • Answer general health questions
  • Answer questions about your practice, including hours, location and the types of insurance you accept
  • Share information about the procedures you provide
  • Share special offers and discounts

Want to get started on social networks?

Social networks provide new and existing patients with another easy way to contact you. Go social to grow your business and connect with more patients! Contact an MyAdvice Representative to find out about our social media packages.

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