Communication plays an important role in maintaining any relationship, whether personal or professional. If you are a healthcare professional looking to establish your new practice or spruce up your existing one, regular and appropriate patient communication is necessary. The most easiest and effective way to keep in contact with your patients today is to interact with them online, through secure patient portals.

Tips for Communicating With Patients Online

The relationship between a doctor and patient is a delicate one – and at the same time has to be professional. So why and when should healthcare professionals communicate with their patients online?

  • Before and after an appointment – When your patients schedule an appointment with you, it is important that your staff contacts them before the appointment to confirm it. This communication can be sent in the form of an email with a link, which the patients have to click on to confirm their appointment or it can simply be in the form of a reminder on the patient portal. After the appointment, the medical professionals should take time to get feedback from their patients regarding their experience at the healthcare facility.
  • Answer questions/share information – Sharing is caring – doctors and other medical professionals should take time to interact with their patients purely to share valuable information about a particular condition or to simply offer useful healthcare tips that their patients can use.
  • Keep conversations professional – At all times, the communication between the doctor and the patient should be relevant and professional. Your aim as a medical professional should only be to offer guidance to patients when they need it. You can also schedule online chat appointments with patients to answer any specific questions they may have about their condition.

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