Blog writing is not just a stream of consciousness, especially when it comes to a medical practice. Concise, original blogs can help drive your SEO value through content marketing. To follow is a recipe for valuable blog writing.

  1. Always write original content. It goes without saying that plagiarism is a punishable offense, but the most important reason to provide original content in your blog articles is to make your blog stand out among the rest.
  2. Write professionally. Use proper grammar and sentence structure, and always check your spelling. Proofread all posts before publishing because spell check doesn’t always catch all errors. It is best to have a second pair of eyes read through an article before it is published to ensure everything is correct.
  3. Provide readers with a take-away. When creating a blog article, make sure there is an element within the post that will provide something to your readers. Ask yourself when writing, “What can readers learn from this article?” Another professional tip is to make sure every article contains the 5 W’s–who, what, when, where and why.
  4. Provide relevance. This connects to remaining professional. Always make sure that your blog articles are illustrating and representing your medical practice in a positive way, as it pertains to your existing and prospective patients. Diary-style blog posts about your opinions are irrelevant to your readers. Newsworthiness is another way to keep blogs relevant, which leads us to number 5.
  5. Link in credible sources. Creating blog articles based on new studies supported by professional societies in your medical specialty are a great way to drive relevance and establish that your blog is credible.
  6. Link back to other pages within your website that provide supplemental information to the topic of the article. For example, this article is all about blog writing! MyAdvice provides professional blog writing services as part of some of our packages.
  7. Saturate blog articles with keywords to drive search engine optimization (SEO) value. One of the best examples of using keywords to drive content marketing is to frame blog articles in the form of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs).
  8. As mentioned above, FAQs are a great way to drive SEO value of a blog article. When it comes to medical practices, patients are often full of questions that they may forget to ask when having face-to-face time with a physician. By providing FAQs to your readers they are gaining valuable information as well as saving time for themselves and for your staff.
  9. Include interesting images to increase “shareability” of your posts. Images in blog posts attract readers. Including too many images causes the message of the article to be lost, but not including an image at all is a near-guarantee that the article will not be read. A good rule of thumb is 1 image to every 500 words.
  10. Provide a “Call to action,” at the end of your posts. Make sure readers know where they can go to get more information on the article’s topic, and any relevant contact information for your medical practice. For example, see our call to action below.

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