As more and more people turn to the Internet when seeking out a new doctor or specialist, it’s becoming increasingly important for practices to know how to manage their online presence.

Setting up your professional business accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is the first step to taking control of your online presence. That way, you will be in charge of the practice’s official account, and can directly control what is posted.

Creating a blog on your company’s site will also improve your web content and help you to better connect with your current patients, as well as potential future customers. A blog will also serve to communicate your practice’s latest news and specials, along with educating readers about the procedures that you offer.

One aspect of your online presence that is harder to control is online customer reviews. Anyone can post a comment or review of your business on the internet, and most will people check out a practice’s site and read their online reviews prior to scheduling an appointment.

Note that it’s nearly impossible for a business to have only positive reviews. If that’s your current situation, congratulations, but if you suddenly get hit with a negative customer review online, don’t worry. Online readers expect each company, business or practice to have at least one bad review.

Rather than worrying about the negative comment, focus on what the negative review is about. Why was the customer upset? Did they think that the office staff was unfriendly? Did they complain that they spent too much time in the waiting room? Was there a problem with processing their health insurance or copay information?

If their complaint seems valid, bring up the issue with your office staff and discuss what may have prompted the patient’s negative review, and what can be done differently in the future. This will help prevent future complaints.

You can also implement a system of following up with patients immediately after an appointment to make sure that you become aware of any negative feedback before it is posted online. Addressing the issue directly will keep it private, allow you to resolve it as soon as possible and will improve communication between you and your patients.

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