Your Online Brand Is Important – Here’s How to Shape It

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In highly competitive industries, anything a business can do to stand out can be the difference between growth and stagnation. While often reduced to its visual and aesthetic components, branding is so much more than just what your website and your logo look like. And whether you’re intentionally shaping it or not, your business already has a brand. With some work, your brand can help drive new clients to your business and keep the ones you’ve got. Strong branding is proven to help build loyalty, and loyal clients are 90% more likely to become your coveted repeat clients. Luckily, you can help shape your brand. Here’s how.

What is branding?

Branding is the process of shaping the public perception of your business. A strong brand is one that people recognize (and are more likely to choose when they are looking for a service you provide). Here are the components that make up your brand:

  • Visual Assets. Anything that visually represents your business falls into this category. That includes everything from the obvious things like your logo and the design of your website to the slightly less obvious things like the fonts and colors you choose. 
  • Voice and Words. The way you choose to write about your business, from the words you use to the tone you write in, makes up your brand.
  • Customer Service. It’s estimated that 60% of consumers pursue more business with a company if their customer service is positive. Your customer service representatives are the human touch that connects your company with your clients, so they play an important part in your brand.

3 Ways to Shape your Brand Online

  1. Create a style guide.

A style guide is a set of guidelines for the way your brand assets are utilized on the internet. They should include anything you want to make sure is consistent and clear every time someone encounters your brand – which could include rules for displaying your logo, the exact colors you use on your website, or the words you use to describe your services and products. Defining these rules ensures that your clients know exactly who you are every time they encounter you, which minimizes the chances they confuse you for one of your competitors. 

  1.  Connect via social media.

Social media helps you develop an authentic relationship with your audience. Utilize the style guide you’ve created to showcase your brand throughout your social profiles – from your profile picture to the photos you share. This consistency and clarity will help make sure your brand is communicated even as you use these channels to build trust with and grow your audience.

  1. Dial in your customer experience.

Since public perception is such a big part of branding, it’s important to make sure your customer service is up to par. This doesn’t just include making your customer service pleasant once they call, text, or email you, either. It also means making your contact information easy to find on your website, ensuring your local listings are updated regularly and free of inaccuracies, and even making your website easy to use and navigate. 

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