Online branding is a method that uses the web to position a brand in the marketplace. Marketing tools such as websites, optimization, social media, blogging, are also used as a means of branding. Branding can be  recognized as an attempt to bring customers to your brand, product, and practice.

Websites. Creating an effective website is considered a very important act of branding. Websites are designed for medical or dental practices to represent themselves to potential clients or patients. Websites will display not only information about you personally, but also information about the services your practice offers. The purpose of a medical website is to inform and educate your patients, so that they remain happy and healthy. Make your website unique by adding pictures, special effects, motion, or videos. Make it inviting and appealing for your patients!

Blogs. Blogs may help increase traffic to your website, as well as establish your professional expertise as a doctor.  Blogs are written in a less formal manner than a regular website, and will keep patients updated on things that are important to them- such as changes to your practice. You can blog on just about any subject, including current medical events, or even provide tips that will benefit your patients. Blog about recent procedures and successes as well, increasing your patient’s trust in you as a professional.

Social Media. Social media will help your practice stay connected to patients. It allows for constant communication between doctors and patients. Not to mention, patients will like it if you use social media. Try popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube.

There are three C’s that go along with branding: clarity, consistency, and constancy.

  • Clarity – Make sure you are clear for your audience. Make it clear who you are, who your competitors are, and who your target patients are.
  • Consistency – Get your point across, repeat your message.
  • Constancy – Be faithful and dependable for your patients. This means sticking to the rules of privacy of patients and giving it your best interest to keep them and their information secure and safe!

It’s also important to remember that with online branding comes online reviews. Some reviews may be positive, others negative, and some reviews may even be falsified! Take every review seriously, and remember to engage with the review’s posters, to ensure continued trust in your practice!

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