How to Use Digital Marketing to Increase ROI on Your New Aesthetic Device

A woman undergoing a laser treatment for aesthetic purposes.

If you’ve just purchased a new laser to use in your aesthetic practice (or any new device for that matter), you’re probably wondering what you can do to start marketing it to your clients. The massive investment required to purchase a laser means that you’re competing against  established providers – so a good rule of thumb is devoting 1% of your device’s purchase price toward your monthly digital marketing budget.

Regardless of the type of laser you have or the type of practice you run, digital marketing can help you start seeing some returns on your investment. By utilizing some of the principles outlined in the Pyramid of Success guide, you can create a roadmap for launching a new product or service for your business. Here are the steps.

1. Update your website copy (with SEO in mind).

Adding your new laser to your list of services on your website seems like a no-brainer, but don’t stop there. Remember that your clients will need to know the full scope of what the laser can do – and they will likely have questions. Adding a frequently asked questions section to the page helps address these concerns while also helping you show up when people search for laser services in their area. If you have a blog, utilize it to answer common questions about laser procedures in a more in-depth way. For example, if you purchased a laser for hair removal procedures, your blog is a great place to put aftercare instructions.

2. Update your local listings.

Add your new laser to the list of services you offer on all of your local listings, and consider creating standalone posts to announce that you now offer new services. These changes can take a while to go into effect depending on which local platform you’re using, so make sure you submit these changes well in advance of your new services going into effect. 

3. Create announcement posts on your social media channels.

Social media is the secret weapon of providers looking to market lasers and other devices. No need to reinvent the wheel – you can repurpose the copy you used for your website and use it to create posts on your social media channels announcing your new laser procedures. Make sure to go into detail about what your laser does, the recovery time (if any), and how many sessions are required to see results. Then, stay on top of responses and answer any questions you receive. 

4. Ask clients for testimonials and before and after posts.

Once you’ve started booking clients for laser procedures, begin collecting their testimonials and before and after photos to use for your own marketing materials. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – your clients want to see photo evidence of the effectiveness of your laser, so collecting these testimonials and photos is incredibly important. 

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