What’s New At MyAdvice in November?

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Welcome to this month’s edition of What’s New? It’s kind of a newsletter and kind of a roundup full of things we know you’ll find interesting. From industry news to MyAdvice platform and feature updates, here’s what’s new and newsworthy in our world and yours.

It’s now easier to identify and fix issues with connections to social media accounts within the Performance Center. 

Big updates for Social Power this month! Now, if connection issues occur between your social media accounts and the Performance Center, you’ll be notified and able to restore the connection easily, so you can get back up and running quickly.

What this means for clients: Easier, faster fixes if social media accounts disconnect.

Social Power now has better content suggestions.

You count on the suggestions Social Power makes for your feed. Our new content tagging system utilizes a library of tags to categorize our content and streamline it – which means better, more accurate suggestions for your feeds. 

What this means for clients: You’ll start to see more relevant suggestions in your Social Power dashboard.

SEO Power has a new integration with Google Tag Manager. 

Our latest update introduced a new integration with Google Tag Manager, making it easier than ever for our SEO team to import and create all of the necessary containers and tags you’ll need. 

What this means for clients: Easier, faster setup and integration with our SEO team.

New Zendesk Integration = even better support.

We’ve made some changes to our support process, including adding a new Zendesk ticketing integration. This means your support requests are streamlined and easier to fulfill than ever before. 

What this means for clients: streamlined support requests.

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