Top 5 Components of Content Marketing

Effective content marketing is the best, and most organic way to increase your medical practice website’s search engine optimization (SEO) value. The first step to effective content marketing is to develop a strategy. To follow are the top 5 components every medical practice should integrate into their content marketing efforts.

  1. Establish and define goals for content marketing. Determine how content marketing will benefit your practice and establish how successes will be measured.
  2. Determine your target audience. Who you are writing content for determines how you will write content. It is important to gauge demographics for your target audience. Target audience is different from business to business. For example, a plastic surgeon’s target audience may be predominantly female between the ages of 22 and 55 years old. Once you know who you are writing for, it is easier to tailor social media posts and blog topics to what your target audience is most interested in.
  3. Decide how and who will maintain the conversation. Content marketing works best when it creates a buzz. Don’t let the conversation become one-sided or go static. Have someone within your medical practice designated to respond to comments and answer questions in a timely fashion. It’s important to keep the conversation going.
  4. Write well, write often and write purposefully. Before sitting down to write a blog make sure you have determined the who, what, when, where, why and how of the story. The “5 W’s” are critical in any article and serve as a foundation for meaningful writing. Be sure to always provide original and informative content to your target audience.
  5. Create a promotion schedule, and stick to it. Whenever you are adding new content to your website, make sure you effectively promote it across multiple social media platforms. There are plenty of social media tools available to help manage your accounts so that you can schedule posts ahead of time. Low-frequency posting is ineffective, but scheduling posts can make it easier and less time consuming to make sure your content remains visible.

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