2010’s Top Internet Marketing Stories: Facebook Dominance in 2010

We probably don’t need to tell you that 2010 was the year of Facebook, after all, it has had such social media presence that 2010 might have very well been the year that you created your profile and got your practice a Facebook page. It’s definitely the place to be if you want to have leading social media presence, and that’s very clear when you look at some of the things that happened with Facebook in 2010.

1. In early 2010 Facebook crossed the 400 million user mark and by July 2010 they surpassed 500 million making them the most popular social network in operation.
2. It was made clear in 2010 that all of those 500 million users certainly didn’t just sign up with no intention of using it as in total, users spent 700 billion hours on Facebook.
3. Facebook was the most searched term in 2010 and also holds top rankings when a Facebook user’s name is searched.
4. Facebook added features that made it even more beneficial to businesses. While ‘pages’ are not new, the ability to integrate the page ‘like’ function directly onto a website was introduced in 2010. This allowed businesses to improve their social media footprint greatly. It was reported in April 2010 that 10,000 websites integrate with Facebook every day.
5. In 2010, there was a lot of growth in the number of users that fall into the 45-54 age group, a captive market for many businesses including medical practices

There is plenty more to be said about how Facebook has taken world by storm over the last year and what may be to come in 2011. But for now, it’s the time to start considering how you can expand your practice’s influence on Facebook, and we can help.

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