The Marketing Value of Hashtags

If you are a frequent social media user, you’ve probably already heard about something called a “hashtag.” Represented by the # symbol, a hashtag is placed in front of a key word or phrase. That key word or phrase is then grouped into content, and turned into a searchable link. Simply put, placing the hashtag in front of the word or phrase makes it easier for users to find. Although hashtags were once unique to Twitter, their popularity has carried over to other popular sites, including Google+, and Facebook.

Hashtags are now considered a valuable marketing tool, especially for small medical practices. Here’s how using hashtags can benefit your practice:

  • Hashtags can help you join a larger conversation. Hashtags enable you to become part of a larger online conversation with other healthcare practitioners and patients. For example, posting a hashtag pertaining to certain health topic (such as #BreastCancerAwareness, a popular topic among doctors during the month of October) can bring greater attention to your practice and connect you with other doctors talking about the same topic.
  • Hashtags can help you gain patient feedback. By creating hashtag that invites feedback (for example, #TellUs) your patients can provide you with feedback on everything from office visits to recent procedures. This is a good way of initiating better communication with your patients, and makes them feel that they are a valued part of your practice.
  • Hashtags can help you develop your medical brand. Creating unique hashtags that reflect your practice should always be your primary goal. Consider using a shortened version of your practice’s name in the hashtag, alongside a service or current promotion that you are providing.  Try to limit the number of hashtags in a post to one or two so that your message is not lost- after all, no one wants to read a post full of only blue links.

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