Three Essential Medical Marketing Strategies

Marketing is essential for every business, even your medical practice. Your marketing approach has the ability to make your practice a success. But if not properly devised and implemented, it can also see you lagging behind your competitors. How you market your practice is up to you, but there are certain indispensable strategies that you should always incorporate.

Essential Marketing Strategies

  • Google+ Local page. When somebody does a Google search for “orthopedist in Boston,” for example, just below the ads and before the general search results, Google lists several orthopedists and their practices/hospitals that they work in. This list is derived from Google+, which is an online directory that businesses can list themselves on.  So, list yourself on Google+ and ensure that your profile completeness is 100%.
  • Good content for your website and blog. You should have a well designed website. What does well designed mean? Yes, it should be aesthetically pleasing, well structured and easy to navigate through and must use search engine optimization methods, but you need something more too. Good content is essential. It should be easy to read and understand, and relevant. You should also maintain a blog on your site which you should update regularly; even a couple of articles a week will do, but post regularly. Your articles should be relevant to your field of practice and should be, of course, well written. Remember that keyword stuffing will not help you and may even affect your search rankings adversely.
  • Social media marketing. If there is one thing that you cannot afford to ignore, that would be the power of social media. Your reputation on social media plays a vital role. More than just driving engagement and increasing your popularity, social media can also help you establish yourself as a thought leader. For doctors, this is essential. You have to be seen as being knowledgeable in your craft. You should also actively participate in groups dedicated to medical professionals on sites like LinkedIn.

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