Top 10 Call-to-Action Tips

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You may not realize it, but you write calls-to-action everyday! Whether you’re creating a flier to post in your office, drafting an email to send to patients, or writing a quick Facebook post, you have a message that you want people to act upon.

We have a ton of experience writing calls-to-action (CTAs). In fact, we’ve used CTAs in nearly all of your digital marketing strategies. For the times you need a CTA outside of digital marketing or as a supplement to our efforts, here are some tips for writing effective CTAs.

1. Immediate results – Let your patients know that they don’t have to wait to receive what you’re offering. You have something that they want, and you’re willing to give it to them right away.


Want to get rid of those pesky wrinkles? We have Botox appointments available!

Now’s the time to give your skincare routine a boost! Pick up everything you need to take care of your skin at our boutique.

2. Specific demographic – Consider your audience and why they seek your services. Then reference a situation that patients would likely respond to your CTA.


Are you tired of looking at your varicose veins in the mirror every morning? Check out the treatments we offer to eliminate them.

Teeth whitening can give you the smile you want for your upcoming wedding! Schedule your appointment with our professional staff.

3. Problem and resolution – As a healthcare professional, you know that your services can greatly benefit your patients. Present them with a problem and the consequences if they wait to get treatment, along with a resolution.


Have a suspicious mole? Moles that grow quickly or change color could be cancerous. Get them checked out!

We care about your overall health! Learn more about maintaining a healthy diet before obesity leads to diabetes.

4. Result and resolution – Similar to problem and resolution, you can first highlight the unwanted result, then address the issue with your services.


Is a noticeable scar affecting the way you feel about your looks? Consider professional scar removal.

TMJ Disorder can cause chronic pain in your jaw. Let’s find a solution!

5. Feeling of belonging – Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of the club. They want to have access to the hottest deals and get the scoop before anyone else. Make them feel like they’re in on the action.


Learn about our seasonal specials and receive exclusive discounts when you subscribe to our e-newsletter. Sign up here!

Join the hundreds of skiers in your area who can benefit from our vitamin bar after a long day on the slopes!

6. Focus on a benefit – Help your patients see the bigger picture. They’ll be more likely to act now if they know what will happen as a result.


Meet your aesthetic goals with our suite of world-class services. Give us a call!

Love the way you look – even better, love the way you feel! Find the perfect treatment to meet your needs.

7. Highlight the savings – You don’t always need to have a sale to show that your patients save money with your services. The quality compared to your competitors can make your services the best deal around.


Our laser hair removal services are the most affordable in the area. Let’s get rid of your unwanted hair!

Take advantage of our Spring Savings! 10% off all dermal fillers through the month of April.

8. Get personal – Think about an individual patient. What message speaks directly to them? You’d be surprised how speaking to one person can reach many.


95% percent of women report being more than satisfied with their breast augmentation results. Are you ready to boost your self-confidence?

We know that you love our specialty facials! Let’s get you set up with your next appointment.

9. Stop procrastination – Patients don’t like to think that they’ve waited too long to receive the benefits of your services. Give them a little nudge to schedule a treatment now instead of delaying the remarkable results.


Stop wishing that your diet and exercise-resistant fat would just disappear. Make it happen!

We know you’re long overdue for a chemical peel – we can help get your skin back to normal!

10. Tell a story – Storytelling is one of the best ways to engage any reader. Give your patients a clear picture of what they’re responding to when they act upon your CTA.


Think about the last time you walked into a party and were the most confident woman in the room. Find the solution that will make you feel like your best self!

Do you ever wonder why the other moms at the swimming pool always seem to have silky smooth legs? Consider laser hair removal!

With a bit of practice, you’ll be writing CTAs that get patients to call your office as soon as they read them. If a few of these tips work well for you, use them as much as you’d like. But don’t be afraid to mix it up!

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