Three Social Media Tips for Doctors

Over the last few years, marketing has changed drastically, thanks to social media. For all businesses, including medical practices, a social media presence is vital. Not only does it help you reach out to your patients directly and give them information about your services, but it also helps your practice to gain more visibility and to connect to other doctors.

Social Media Tips

  • Educate: While you shouldn’t directly communicate with your patients on social media channels, you can post information that will help your patients. Latest research, new medicines and technologies, and any information about the services that you offer are all good topics to talk about on social media. You can share articles from reputed sources (WHO, for example) or links to articles from reputed medical journals.
  • Be professional: You should maintain professionalism when using social media. It is not advisable to lose your temper or to violate patient confidentiality in any manner. Never use unflattering language and do not speak about anything that you would not talk about in public. Remember, you are being watched all the time. One bad move can send your reputation plummeting. If you are working for a hospital, do state clearly that all your opinions are your own and are not to be assumed as the hospital’s official opinion.
  • Build your network: Use social media sites to network with more doctors, even if they are not part of your own niche. Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter. There are professional networking sites like LinkedIn, which have dedicated groups that you can join. You should also find other sites that are exclusively for doctors or for the field that you practice in. For example, SERMO is a social networking site that caters specifically for doctors. Another example is RealSelf, which is all about first-hand experiences of those who have opted for cosmetic treatments.

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