Facebook Unveils Redesigned News Feed: What It Means for Your Practice

“Goodbye, clutter. Hello, bright, beautiful stories.” That’s the motto behind Facebook’s newly-redesigned News Feed. A visual interface, centered on rich, relevant content, Facebook’s new layout also presents a few new challenges for Internet marketers. With users now having the ability to “weed out” stories that aren’t important to them, the question for medical practices becomes essentially this: “How can I avoid becoming clutter?” To help you along the way, here are a few tips from MyAdvice’s expert Internet Marketing team!

Top 4 Tips for Facebook’s New News Feed:

  1. Photos/Videos Now Even More Important. Facebook’s redesigned News Feed puts photos and videos at center-stage. A highly-visual platform, images now display much larger, making them absolutely essential in capturing and engaging readers. So, before you hit publish, always make sure you’re uploading or linking to a great photo that stops them in their tracks.
  2. “Bigger” Opportunity for Promoted Posts. Posts are getting bigger – that means Promoted Posts are getting bigger as well! For medical practices, that creates more “real estate” to display your ad/story. Like ordinary wall posts, promoted posts should be highly visual and offer relevant, useful content.
  3. Market to the Patient, Not the Device. One of the best new features of the new News Feed is its “responsive design.” Creating a seamless user experience – regardless of whether patients are using a computer, tablet or smartphone – you can now focus all your energy marketing to the patient, not the device. Mashable recently reported on this, explaining that “According to Dan Slagen, SVP of marketing at Nanigans, this move ‘reduces friction’ for advertisers planning out campaigns for mobile and desktop by ensuring a similar experience on each.”
  4. “Feeds” Make Good Content Essential. Facebook’s new News Feed introduces several new “subfeeds” allowing users to focus on stories that are important to them. For instance, the “All Friends” feed only displays stories published by one’s Facebook friends. Users can ostensibly “filter out” posts from Facebook Pages, making it essential for businesses to step up their content game. As users now have to go out of their way to seek out your content, a boiler-plate status simply isn’t going to cut it – posts have to be relevant, informative and engaging.

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