Online Reviews Inspire Trust Twice as Much as “Likes”

One of the main reasons you work so hard to build an online presence is to obtain patient trust. Think of a positive online presence as “starting off on the right foot” with patients. When they search for your services or even specifically for you online, what do you want them to find out about you? Probably that you’re professional, reliable and great at what you do! And what better way to make a good impression than by seeing positive experiences from other patients?

A recent study by explored the role of trust in consumer-brand relationships and identified best practices for establishing trust online. The study found that reviews inspire twice the amount of trust as “likes,” even if brands do not hide negative reviews. This is great news for doctors and healthcare professionals who may feel doomed by a few negative reviews from disgruntled patients.

Boosting Trust with Social Integration

The study also explored the best ways to use social media to boost trust. The top ways to boost trust on social media:

  • Allow your networks to see reviews from people in their network
  • Seeing photos illustrating your work
  • Seeing “likes” and recommendations from friends

What Steps Can You Take to Obtain Online Reviews and Boost Trust?

  1. Claim and build out your Google+ Local listing. Then, reach out to patients for reviews. This is extremely important for your search engine rankings!
  2. Post photos! If applicable, consider sharing before and after case studies. You can also encourage patients share photos if they feel comfortable.
  3. Be active on Facebook! Facebook Timeline for Pages allows page viewers to see how their Facebook friends have interacted with your page. This feature is great because it’s been proven people are more likely to use a service if their friends like it!

Need Help Boosting your Online Presence?

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