E-mail Marketing: How It Can Still Benefit You

Today, most of the emphasis in online marketing is placed on social media, effective SEO and mobile device optimization. Because of all that, e-mail marketing often becomes lost in the shuffle! However, the practice of e-mail marketing is still alive and kicking, and may serve your medical practice well in terms of reaching patients.

So, what are some of the key reasons to consider adding e-mail marketing into your practice’s marketing plan?

  1. E-mail marketing is simple, and its results are easy to track. Many e-mail marketing services offer templates which allow you to create your own, custom-written or designed e-mail content. In just a few minutes, your e-mail can be composed and ready to send out. Additionally, most e-mail marketing software enables you you to track the successes of your e-mail marketing campaign, and make improvements easily and quickly!
  2. It works. Before you decide that e-mail marketing is outdated and won’t be effective for your practice consider how many people check their individual e-mail accounts on a daily basis. E-mail is still effective in many ways, and it’s been proven that people do gain information on new products and services simply by opening an email. Having a strong e-mail marketing strategy is a huge asset when it comes to bringing your name and practice directly to the patient, via an inbox!
  3. E-mail marketing is highly cost-effective. One of the biggest advantages of e-mail marketing is that it is cost-effective. Unlike buying a TV or radio spot, or placing a magazine ad, there are no steep fees required for an e-mail marketing campaign. Though there may be minor costs for sending out thousands of e-mail in one shot, this type of marketing is far more cost-effective for an individual doctor or small healthcare practice to spread local awareness about what they have to offer.
  4. It builds relationships. Through e-mail marketing, doctors are essentially able to build a foundation for a trusting relationship with both current and potential patients. Sending out an engaging e-newsletter, or well-written e-mail, may help a patient better understand a doctor and what their practice offers. This type of marketing campaign is especially effective for a small or growing practice who is simply looking to get their name out there. There’s no doubt that every patient wants a doctor they can trust, and e-mail marketing serves as a building block for creating that kind of relationship. Once the patient feels they can trust you, they will remember you and keep coming back for treatment!

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