Is There a “Right” Time to Post on Social Media?

Social media feeds are constantly updating with new posts, seemingly every second of the day. But is it possible that posting at a precise hour, on a specific day could impact the effectiveness of the post? An article on the Huffington Post Tech page says there’s a science to social media posts.  Although many studies have been conducted to measure social media effectiveness as it pertains to time of day and week, it’s not 100% accurate. For ultimate feedback, try some of these tips!


Studies show that users are more engaged on Facebook on Thursdays and Fridays by 18%. As the workweek progresses, productivity wanes and people are easily distracted. Facebook activity is 32% higher on weekends. Posts in the early afternoon hours, usually between 1pm and 3pm receive the most attention.


Twitter is a popular app used on many mobile devices, yet the best time for tweeting isn’t definitive. However, Twitter traffic is increased by 17% on weekends. Other studies report the opposite, stating that tweeting holds more social media significance on weekdays. Tweeting during morning and evening commute hours is also believed to be the most effective, peaking at 5pm. Statistic reveal users are 181% more likely to be surfing on Twitter during their commute.


Different types of emails get opened at different times of the day. Studies suggest that morning hours are the least effective time to send personal or social emails.  In addition to morning hours, people are less likely to read or respond to emails sent over the weekend.


Seventy percent of blog users have admitted to reading blogs in the morning. Peak blog readership is late Monday mornings at approximately 11am. Thursdays are also high traffic days for blogs, but the weekends are much lower.

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