Get Better Results From Your Blog: The 5 Golden Rules!

If used correctly and efficiently, a blog can do wonders for your practice. It can establish you as a leader in your healthcare specialty, making you a trustworthy resource. Blogging can also enhance your online presence, enhancing your search engine rankings and visibility.

Follow these 5 golden rules to be on the path to blog success!

  1. Frequency: Post to your blog often! Posting on a regular basis will help establish a loyal reader-base. Set aside time weekly, or twice-weekly for the best results.
  2. Relevancy: Get into the minds of your readers. If you were a patient, what would you want to read about? Touch on common questions and concerns and avoid medical jargon that will not resonate with readers. Still stuck? Check out our blog with tips on finding topics that patients search.
  3. Imagery: Blog posts with images tend to get more views, shares and engagement from readers. But, unless you purchase stock photos, create your own graphics or take pictures yourself, you may find it hard to find free, quality images that can be used without penalty. For your convenience, there FREE photo sites you can visit to find images for your blog! To name a few, check out and Learn more here.
  4. Call to Action: If you don’t give readers something to do, click or fill out, they’ll simply move on to another site – even if they’re interested in the services you offer! Conclude each post with an appeal to reach out. One of the best ways to do this is by linking back to your contact form. This gives them a clear picture of the next step, and it can be just the thing to turn a simple blog into a powerful patient engine.
  5. Share: Last, but certainly not least, spread the word! Share your posts with your social networks and consider sending out frequent email blasts. You can even set up a blog feed — each time you publish a post, it will automatically be shared with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Twitterfeed offers a great, free service to set up and manage your feeds!

Don’t Have Time to Post to your Blog?

Posting regularly to your blog can be one of the best ways to increase visibility, market yourself cost-effectively and keep people coming back to your site. Don’t have the time to keep up? We can help! Among our range of solutions to market your practice, we offer blog article writing for as low as $100/month. Also check out our social media management service and contact us to get started.

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