Top 3 Myths About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When it comes to driving new patients to your website, there are few things as important as Search Engine Optimization or “SEO.” With more than 85% of all Internet users finding websites through search engines, how you rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing are crucial to your practice’s online success.

So, what is Search Engine Optimization, exactly? You can think of SEO as a series of tactics aimed at improving your “visibility” in search engines – meaning, that when someone searches a keyword related to the services you offer, your site will appear near the top of that user’s search engine results. This is accomplished by a continuous analysis and modification of several on-page and off-page factors: content, meta tags and more.

A process that can seem a bit mysterious at times, we thought we would take a moment to clear up a few common misconceptions about SEO. Ready to find out more?

Here is our list of the Top 3 Myths About SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  1. Myth: SEO can guarantee number-one placement.
    Fact: Beware of any SEO company that promises “number-one placement” in search engine results. While SEO strategists do everything in their power to obtain first-page rankings, there is simply no way to guarantee positioning. (Thankfully, that’s where Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” comes in. Click here to find out more.)
  2. Myth: SEO shouldn’t be that hard to figure out for myself.
    Fact: SEO, like any other skill, takes years to master. While you may be compelled to take the “DIY” route, understand that some things are best left to the experts. A process that requires extensive time and know-how, SEO demands a constant analysis of search engine rankings and traffic reports, as well as frequent adjustments to websites, themselves.
  3. Myth: All SEO companies are created equal.
    Fact: Like any type of business, some SEO companies are simply better than others. Make sure you choose a company with years of experience and a diverse portfolio of clients. For those in the medical field, MyAdvice represents the best option. With hundreds of satisfied clients – from single-doctor practices to multi-discipline groups – MyAdvice offers SEO packages to fit nearly any budget.

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