Blog Topics That Get Patients Interested in Your Medical Practice

Blogging has many benefits for medical practice websites. Blogging can help improve a site’s rank on search engines (SEO) by forcing search engines to re-index the website on a regular basis every time new content is added to the page. Medical blogging can also help improve health care literacy among patients because blogs are often written in plain, conversational language that is easy for most readers to understand. Blogging on a regular basis can be time consuming, and often the most difficult part is selecting a topic that will interest and benefit patients. To follow are a few ideas for good blog topics that will create a positive buzz among patients.

Healthy Living Blog Topics

Physicians are warned against offering medical advice online. Offering information about healthier living can have major benefits for patients, while establishing your medical practice website as an authoritative expert in your field online. The following topics can be tailored to your medical specialty to fit your patients’ needs.

  • FAQs, frequently asked questions from patients about the practice, conditions, or services offered
  • Prevention Tips (for example, strengthening exercises to avoid ACL injury)
  • Ways to Avoid…. (tips for avoiding infectious diseases and injuries)
  • Facts about procedures
  • Who is a good candidate for ____ procedure?
  • Do I Need____ or Do I have ____? For example, Do I Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Do I Need a Breast Reduction?

Practice News Blogs

Any time something new is going on at the office, its a great idea to blog about. By blogging about changes at the office fosters trust among patients and helps them remain informed.

  • Change in location, or new satellite offices
  • Change in hours
  • Additions to the staff
  • New technology, medical devices, or treatments
  • Practice anniversary milestones
  • Fellowships, or physicians joining the practice
  • Awards
  • Media appearances
  • Conferences attended/attending that the physician may be speaking at
  • Physician’s continued education, including seminars or re-certifications

Promotional Blogs

Blogs that promote events or specials involving the practice help patients stay in-the-know.

  • Specials or discounts on treatments, can be holiday-related
  • Events at the practice
  • Events the practice is participating in, for example, a community fundraiser or free health care screenings
  • Upgraded equipment

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